AMU2IAS – The Beginning!!!

The 6 qualifiers from AMU in Civil Services Examination(CSE), 2014 visited AMU premises on 25th of August 2015.

In our visit to AMU, we found that AMU students are full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to do something worthwhile in their lives. The visit was overwhelming for us in all respects.

But given the lack of time and our small energy reservoirs, we couldn’t answer all the queries then. This blog is born out of the need felt to have a Discussion and QnA forum for various students/alumni of AMU and elsewhere who want to prepare for CSE conducted by UPSC. This blog is aimed at providing an avenue to aspirants for a continued discussion with qualifiers of CSE primarily from AMU and others,  as well as,  for providing guidance to the aspirants according to the changing exam pattern.

Readers are encouraged to ask questions but please have a look into the already asked queries and their answers before asking.

We sincerely hope that it serves the purpose it’s meant for.

Happy Reading!!!


How to crack Civil Service Examination (IAS/IPS) -Motivational speech by Noorul Hasan(IPS)

For the benefit of students ,I have uploaded detailed strategy of” how to qualify civil service examination “on this YouTube channel.Please visit to watch detailed videos here👇👇👇